Mother of two Sandra Birchmore grew up watching her father create horticultural magic in his role as a royal head gardener.

Mrs Birchmore, 40, of Saxon Way, Old Windsor lived on the Crown Estate where her father Thomas Biddlecombe was head gardener to the Queen Mother.

She said: "I remember meeting her. She would often come to the garden with her dogs."

Then her father became Prince Andrew's head gardener at the Royal Lodge.

Now Mrs Birchmore is following in her father's example - making her living from nature, having set up her own fruit and vegetable business.

But it took a long to find her true 'vocation' after living in Old Windsor for 10 years.

She is married to Dan - who is a software developer - and has two children Bradley, 17 and Jack, 12.

She said "I was working as a telecom trainer which took me away from home a lot. Then I was a programmes manager and that saw me stuck in front of a desk.

"I wanted to try and get the right balance."

The answer came in a flash of inspiration.

She had always prided herself on buying food that was a fresh as possible. So why not set up her own small business.

The result is Mr Fruit and Veg - which has now been running for five weeks.

Two or three times a week Mrs Birchmore visits the Western International Market in Hayes in her refrigerated van, collecting fruit and vegetables she hand picks herself for delivery to clients in her village.

She does her own deliveries.

"I love delivering the most. I love being out and about meeting people."

In the age of social media word has already got out.

Mrs Birchmore's customers who began as friends in Old Windsor are now spread out as far as Ascot and Englefield Green and are heading towards the hundred mark.