A parade of antique cars and vehicles will be coming to Englefield Green on Sunday.

The Ellis Journey Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation, is organising a parade of pre-1905 cars, motorcycles and tricycles that will follow the route of the first car journey ever made in Britain.

In 1895, The Hon. Evelyn Ellis made motoring history by driving his newly acquired, four-horsepower Panhard et Levassor vehicle from Micheldever Railway Station to Datchet, an eight-hour car journey and the first ever made on British soil.

It was also the first case of speeding, as Mr Ellis drove at an average of 10 mph for the entire trip - at the time, the limit was 4mph, and cars had to have an attendant walking in front of them with a red flag.

Retracing Mr Ellis’s steps, the vintage vehicles will be passing through Englefield Green from 11.30am to 2.30pm on Sunday on their way to their final destination.

Many drivers adopting period dress for the event to help reinforce the 'time warp'.