An angry Labour councillor has demanded the resignation of Surrey's cabinet member for children - as a new director is brought in following a critical Ofsted inspection of the service.

The recent Government inspection rated Surrey County Council's support for vulnerable children as inadequate.

It found the council has failed to act on earlier recommendations it had made in 2014, leading to social workers being overloaded and poor assessments carried out.

The county is also short of foster parents, leading to many children having to leave their home county to get the support they need.

Ofsted also commented on the number of children being kept overnight in police stations because of a shortage of emergency accommodation.

Labour party councillor Robert Evans has blamed the Conservative administration, calling on cabinet member for children Cllr Clare Curran to resign.

He said: "For the council's education chief to accept 'that the support we give to children and their families simply is not good enough' but not to resign is a staggering indication of an arrogant administration that just isn't working."

He said that any headmaster or governor of a school similarly criticised would stand down.

But Cllr Curran said: "What’s important now is making the necessary changes to improve lives for vulnerable children and young people. We’ve brought in Dave Hill, one of the country’s most experienced and highly-respected children’s services directors who was appointed to serve as a Children’s Commissioner in other areas, and our focus is on working with Dave and his team to make sure we keep up the momentum that Ofsted says we’re now building.”