Regulars at Sunningdale's Royal Oak pub raised £2,000 towards a new children's hospice on Saturday when they held a sponsored bike ride.

The fun event saw 11 or 12 regulars line up at the pub in Station Road, to start the 12 mile ride.

Nobody got stressed about it. They stopped off at pubs on the way to down a few non-alcoholic - and there was a break to watch the England match.

Everyone had been sponsored and collected on the way for the Alexander Devine Childrens' Hospice Service charity, which is opening a new hospice for children in Maidenhead.

Royal Oak landlady Jaci Clark says her faith in human nature has taken a massive boost as a result of the event.

She said: "We were let down by our T-shirt provider. So two days before I contacted DM Screen Print workshop in Ascot in a panic. He was wonderful. He did our T-shirts for free - about 17 of them."

The 'wonderful' Richard Curtis, who runs DM Screen Print from his Ascot home, said: "It was a pleasure to do something for the community."

Mrs Clark said the whole event has made her proud of the Sunningdale community.

She said: "When everyone got back, regulars Doreen and Sandra had made sandwiches for them.

"Then the next morning a young boy called Lucas Brennan came in, carrying a bag with someone's collection money they had dropped on the ride."