OFFICERS will be cracking down on drink and drug driving this summer as part of a campaign to reduce fatalities on the road.

Monday marked the beginning of the joint operation between Thames Valley Police and the roads policing team in Hampshire.

Extra patrols will be carried out specifically designed to breathalyse and educate drivers, and intelligence-led operations to catch offenders will be staged.

Every driver involved in a collision will also be breathalysed, as is standard, during the six-week campaign.

Rob Heard, joint operations road safety sergeant said: "We are reminding people of the devastating damage drug and drink driving brings to families.

"Too many people are still taking the risk to drive whilst impaired, but we are dedicated to reducing it.These people not only put themselves at risk, but others who are often innocently going about their daily lives.

"As well as aiming to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured, we would also like to remind motorists that receiving a conviction for drink or drug driving could ruin their lives."

Drug and drink driving are recognised by independent research as one of the 'fatal four' factors that result in death or serious injuries in collisions.

Any amount of alcohol or drugs can impair your judgement and police will be using drug analysers if they suspect someone is driving under the influence.

Mr Heard added: "The test will detect if people have a trace amount of an illegal drug. If they do they will be arrestedand a blood sample will be taken.

"All we need to prove is a trace amount of the drug in their system and they will then lose their licence, like in the cases of drink driving. We do not need to prove you are impaired.

"Being caught in control of any motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or drink can destroy your life. You could face a criminal conviction, possible prison term, driving ban, and could even lose your job. It is not worth the risk."

Call police on 101, or text 80999 with all the details of the vehicle, driver, location and times. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers confidentially on 0800 555 111.