Surrey's hedgehogs are under threat but County Councillor Robert Evans is on the case - and he has been joined in his campaign by celebrated former Queen guitarist Brian May.

Cllr Evans met up with Mr May at the Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, in Windlesham - and a giant hedgehog helped them get their point across.

He said: "Hedgehogs used to be a common sight when I was growing up in Ashford but now they’re rarely seen.

"Nationally the number of these popular prickly creatures has fallen from about 30 million fifty years ago, to perhaps just a million today and we need to help them survive.

"Their real existence is now under threat from development and loss of habitat."

Cllr Evans has urged local people to be on the look-out for hedgehogs and to make gardens and other spaces more friendly to them, avoiding the use of strimmers as much as possible.

Hedgehogs will also helpfully hoover up any unwanted slugs and snails, so no-one needs to use poisonous slug pellets.

He says you find a hedgehog in the garden you should leave it unless it looks in distress. You can help it out by putting down a little cat food and leaving a pile of leaves or logs for it to hibernate under.

We have just had Hedgehog Awareness Week and anyone interesting in finding out more should go to either or