Pupils and visitors at ACS Egham International School in London Road heard a challenging talk by a controversial political commentator when broadcaster and journalist David Aaronovitch visited.

Speaking at the school’s ‘World Beyond The Classroom’ seminar, part of a series for the local community, Mr Aaronovitch urged the younger population to demand a second Brexit referendum as they will be the generation most impacted by leaving the EU.

He said: “The spirit of a school like ACS with students instilled with an outward looking, global mindset, increasingly represents the spirit of the world of work and trade, intellectual endeavour and the communities in which we live. This needs to be taken into account when we consider Brexit.

“In next few years it is likely, all things being equal, three times more Brexiteers will die than remain voters leaving a remain majority. This remain majority will be dominated by the under 45s who have a very different attitude to the world than their older peers.

“The younger generation identifies themselves, not just as a member of their local community or a UK citizen, but as a citizen of the world. For this reason young people should call for a second referendum.”

Jeremy Lewis, head of school at ACS Egham, said: “We hope that our audience enjoyed David’s insightful commentary on the impact of Brexit on young people’s lives and we look forward to welcoming the community to our next talk later this year.”

For more information about the World Beyond the Classroom seminar series visit acs-schools.com.