STUDENTS put the Chancellor of the Exchequer under the spotlight as he visited their college for a Question and Answer session.

Runnymede MP Philip Hammond tackled a number of questions from teenagers at Strode’s College in Egham, a visit which was organised by the Student Union Executive.

Students focused on questions regarding cuts to Further Education colleges, lowering the voting age, Brexit and the government’s foreign aid policy.

They also gave the Chancellor a resolution passed by the college’s student parliament about reductions to FE college funding, which students think is affecting their college experience. They called on the government to raise funding by £200 per student.

Mr Hammond took questions from over 80 students and when asked what he hoped his political legacy would be he said: “To be brutally honest it will be defined by Brexit but I hope we will be able to look back at the longer term and see how we prepared Britain for the challenge ahead. I think in 10 or 20 years’ time it won’t be Brexit which would have transformed the economy, it will be Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Alongside radical innovations in healthcare we are entering a period of extremely fast impact which will far outweigh the impact of Brexit. I hope we will be remembered as the Government which made difficult decisions for the future.”

Union President Ben Roberts, a second year A level student studying Economics, Politics and History at Strode’s, chaired the Q and A. He said: “’It was a privilege to be able to question such an influential figure of British politics. Mr Hammond’s answers were engaging, giving an insight into the myriad of issues the Chancellor must address. I am thankful to Strode’s for encouraging the Student Union to hold such a successful event which has proven invaluable to the students who attended.” Assistant principal Bernadette Joslin, said: “The students presented Mr Hammond with a petition about their concerns and have asked for a follow up meeting.’’