Steeped in regal history, there is no better place to dine in the week of the Royal Wedding than Stoke Place. 

I've always fancied myself as a queen and on Wednesday night I was treated like one.

The beautiful house was built in 1690 by Patrick Lamb, who served as Master Cook to several Kings and Queens including King Charles II, King James II, King William, Queen Mary and Queen Anne.

Today, the King & Lamb restaurant still has the grandeur of those royal days and the menu serves as a modern tribute to one of England's best-ever chefs. 

Just viewing the menu is enough to get the tastebuds watering.

Starters include asparagus with truffle, Iberico chorizo and confit yolk; smoked haddock risotto, cured mackarel with apple, cucumber and radish and crisp belly pork. 

The food here has always been good, but there's a new head chef in situ and wow - things are up to the royal standard. 

I had the aspargus - and I never realised aspargus could taste so good! The chef likes to use fresh, locally-sourced in-season ingredients and the flavours pack a punch. 

I'm told the pork belly - which looked amazing - was equally as good. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo because my dining companion was quick to dig in. I did get to sample the cider beetroot which came with the dish. Who knew beetroot could taste so light. 

For main I opted for the saddle of lamb. Beautifully cooked and accompanied by the nicest dauphinoise I've ever had (sorry mum, I know that's your signature dish but this is something else.)

There was not much room left for dessert, but I do love a challenge. 

The dark chocolate with coconut and lime sorbet was a recommendation - and there's a reason! I savoured every mouthful. 

My dining partner went for the rhubarb (counts as one of your five a day, right?) The presentation was a spectacle. 

The food is almost as stunning as the grounds; Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was commissioned in 1765 to landscape the estate grounds of Stoke Place and created the beautiful sweeping parkland and lake you see today. 

Everything - from the menu, to the views, to the service - was exceptional. If you want to be treated like Royalty, but you don't have a royal budget then this is most certainly the 'Place' for you. 

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