A new generation is discovering Karl Marx - and now one of Britain's leading historians on socialism Professor Gregory Claeys has written a new book to coincide with the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Professor Claeys is based at Egham's Royal Holloway University of London.

His book Marx and Marxism is published by Pelican and is out in paperback.

He said: “Marx isn’t an easy thinker and most of his main texts have been interpreted in many, diverse and often contradictory ways.

“I portray Marx as inheriting a series of issues and perspective from the early socialist writers, and as maintaining some of these while consciously trying to break free of others.

“He is described as having achieved such great success because of his moral and economic visions - his ability to insist we abolish the main forms of exploitation and oppression - and the promise that capitalism was doomed to fail, and would be replaced by a much better society.

“Both themes retain considerable relevance today, with the failures of Soviet-style communism notwithstanding.”

Karl Marx was a German philosopher and revolutionary socialist. He moved to London in 1849 with his wife Jenny von Westphalen and lived in the capital until his death in 1883. He is buried at Highgate Cemetery, London.

Marx and Marxism is available to buy now.