An ambitious plan aimed at bringing residents out of fuel poverty has seen 100 replacement boilers delivered to 100 people by Runnymede Borough Council.

The operation has been carried out in partnership with heating engineers Happy Energy.

At an average cost of £2,000 per boiler it has given a staggering £200,000 worth of assistance to residents - thanks to the Government's ECO Flex affordable warmth scheme, being managed by Runnymede as a way of bringing residents out of fuel poverty.

The council announced in October it had been given the funding and energy management assistant Joanne Williams organised the hunt for suitable people to receive the new boilers.

Funding is still available for those who could still do with assistance.

You do not need to be on a qualifying benefit. Currently the annual household income level within Runnymede is set at £30,000 after tax, national insurance, mortgage/rent costs, energy costs and council tax have been deducted.

All applications are subject to survey.

Contact Happy Energy on the council's HEAT Surrey project or call 01784 653635.

For more on the project visit Runnymede's Heat Surrey page.