A VEHICLE involved in fly-tipping has been seized.

A white Ford transit van was taken off the road on April 26 in Crown Street, Egham, following an investigation by Surrey Police.

The van is believed to have been involved in at least one fly-tipping incident in the Virginia Water area on Sunday, April 22. The van will be sold or destroyed, along with all of its contents, unless evidence is presented to show it was not involved within the next few days.

Daniel Bradding of Runnymede Borough Council, said: "The vehicle was traced to Crown Street, Egham from where it was seized with the assistance of local police colleagues while the road was blocked for a short while.

"Our investigations are ongoing. If anyone has information about this or other flytipping incidents we encourage them to contact our flytipping hotline and leave a message anytime on 01932 425 656."

The vehicle was seized under powers granted to local councils in 2015, that allows them to seize vehicles that are believed to have been involved in fly-tipping.