RESIDENTS worked together to identify a fly-tipper who had completely blocked off a number of homes with a mountain of waste.

Householders in Callow Hill, Virginia Water proved vital in tracking down the source of the rubbish, which lead to a fine being levied on the builders who had hired the fly-tipper.

One of those affected, Jeremy Owen, 65, of Callow Hill, realised there could be vital clues pointing to the source of the rubbish buried in the waste. Despite the darkness, he used a torch to carefully examine the pile, and discovered architects’ plans pointing to the developer inside.

Mr Owen said: “We were absolutely horrified and shocked that someone could actually block our drive.

“It meant nobody could get in or out, including emergency services. It seems a very callous thing to do.

“This sort of behaviour is absolutely disgusting. It’s clearly illegal. It forces individual members of the public to pay quite large sums of money to clear.”

The residents had to pay out £410 to hire a skip and clear the waste, which took about three hours of their time.

Officers from Runnymede Borough Council fined the developers £660, including £408 to cover the cost of the clear up, as part of an agreement that required the council to drop a waste duty of care charge.

A spokesman for Runnymede Council said: “We are still investigating the vehicle suspected of fly-tipping pending the outcome of official enquires.

“We urge householders and builders to comply with their duty of care for their waste, so the fly-tippers don’t have easy pickings. Check who’s taking your waste.”