A smart mirror that would give its user useful information about the date and weather to people getting ready in the morning would be a useful addition to anyone's bathroom.

It was just one of the ideas dreamed up by students at Egham ACS International School in London Road as part of their International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme studies.

Each student completed a personal project, after independently researching a topic that they felt passionate about combining various aspects from across the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) spectrum.

More than 50 ACS students aged 15 presented a showcase of their ideas to illustrate what they had come up with.

Alex Pharaon showcased his mirror which would display useful, personalised information, such as the weather, date and time, to owners getting ready in the morning.

Other students' ideas included designing a special sensory room for people with autism to help them feel more connected to society, researching the effect of music on the brain during study - even painless medical needle using biomimicry for doctors to use with their patients.

Marie MacPhee, International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme co-ordinator, said: “The personal project is a wonderful opportunity for students to use all the skills they have developed throughout the MYP – creative thinking, organisation, research and an inquiring mind. Students become completely absorbed in a subject they love through the project and it is opportunities like this that will encourage a life-long zeal for learning.

“I’m very proud of the sophisticated projects our students produced and marvel at the new skills they developed as a result.”

The annual exhibition marked the final step for the students’ personal projects as they presented their research and answered questions from parents, friends and teachers. Each personal project is assessed and forms part of the students’ final grades for the Middle Years Programme.