Sitting with a newspaper propped up in front of their face will soon become a thing of the past for visitors at Surrey's libraries.

The county council is withdrawing most newspapers from April as part of its planned £100,000 savings - and opposition Labour councillor Robert Evans says library users will be 'bitterly disappointed'.

He said: "With some papers costing £2 a day, the provision of newspapers in libraries can save many people £10 a week or some £500 a year. Lots of people look forward to reading papers in their local library."

The county plans to stock just one paper - the 'i' - believing that it contains the most balanced view of the world, as well as only costing 20p.

A county council spokesman said: “We are facing severe budget pressures due to rising demands for services like adult social care and falling government funding and doing this will allow us to save £60,000 a year, however all newspapers will still be available for residents to read for free digitally in all our libraries.”

The authority points out that library members have free access to PressReader, a digital service which allows them to peruse a wide range of national newspapers and magazines online. A link is available on the library website and volunteer 'digital buddies' are available to show people how to access them.