RESIDENTS have just over two weeks to give their say on the future of the area.

On December 8 Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council's questionnaire will stop taking submissions.

It asks people to decide where money should be invested and which parts of the Neighbourhood Plan, approved via referendum with 91 per cent of the vote in 2014, residents most want to see implemented.

Once the results are in, the Parish Council will take its findings to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council to ensure Ascot and Sunninghill voices are heard.

Councillor David Hilton said: “The Parish is at a time of change which includes the innovative Ascot Rejuvenation project and other housing developments.

"The survey is seeking views on the facilities that people wish to be included in a new Ascot centre, infrastructure that should be provided across the Parish to support new development, how recreation areas might be enhanced and how Parish Council services could be improved.

"Responses to the survey will be a valuable guide to future Parish Council spending.”

Part of the development principles questionnaire takers are asked to rank include the encouragement of small, independent business and safer roads.

The plan also pledges to protect the area's green and leafy environment and trees, retain the openness of the gaps between villages, ensure that the right types of homes are built in the right locations to protect the character of the area and encourage local biodiversity and the protection of green corridors.

The Parish Council also wants to hear from organisations or clubs which wants toi use the community and art centre.

Go to to have your say.