SIXTH-form students will attempt to write a full-length novel in just three days.

Royal Holloway University in Egham is inviting nine students from Strode's College to take part in a workshop called Project TooManyCooks that will challenge them to write a novel based on the events of their previous week.

They have one day to plan their story and establish a plot, two days to collectively write the novel and a day and a half to proofread and make last minute changes before it is sent to the printers to be published.

Joe Reddington, a computer research assistant who devised the project, said: "This is about artefact-based learning - learning by co-operating and creating as a group and then being able to hold in your hands something that is special, that is yours, and that you are proud of making - and we hope that this workshop has put a structure into place that allows the students to do this."

The nine students were winners of a short story competition and their novel will be available to download on the Kindle e-reader on Friday evening.