Car salesman Rob Jones became a TV star last week and won £1,000 to buy a disabled friend a holiday of a lifetime.

Mr Jones, 52, was seen all week on the popular Channel 4 show Come Dine With Me - competing against four other hopefuls, each of whom had to cook a meal for the others in their own home.

Mr Jones' winnings will be used to enable his disabled friend Tim Clare, 56 to enjoy a holiday cruise - possibly to the Mediterranean.

Mr Clare is a lifelong Windsor resident and went to Trevelyan and the Royal Free School. He is a former captain of Eton Excelsior Rowing Club before a car accident condemned him to life in a wheelchair.

He said: "I have known Rob about 25 years since meeting him at Windsor Rugby Club.

"He has been a great friend. I have not had a holiday for 18 years and this is going to take quite a bit of organising."

Mr Jones is equally complimentary, saying: "Tim is amazing. He never complains and never moans. I really wanted to do something for him."

Meanwhile Mr Jones has been amazed by the reaction to his TV appearance.

The show climaxed spectacularly on Friday when Mr Jones welcomed the other four contestants to his palatial home in Ascot.

His deadpan welcome when his stunned guests arrived and the appearance of a 'butler' called Sobers - who was really an old mate - made for some memorable viewing. The meal he served - a shoulder of lamb and 'King Edward surprise' - saw him voted contest winner by the others.

Mr Jones says it was his family - wife Michelle and sons Charlie, 15 and Archie, 10 - who persuaded him to go on the show. Mrs Jones gave him some useful tips when it came to the cooking.

He won the nation's hearts when he told fellow contestants how he achieved his success, beginning by selling cars at 16.

He said: "I had garages all my life, built them up, sold them all and worked seven days a week on the car pitch, waving the flag, banging the drums and selling cars."